I do not have any specific ideal ideas about the appearance of my photo models. Very large models are just as suitable as rather small ones. I have already taken great pictures of blonde, dark-haired and red-haired women, even a bald lady I have photographed. Big breasts or small - the bust size must fit the person.

I always do shootings with the aim that the photos are so good that they can be published: On the web, in calendars or in magazines like PENTHOUSE or Fuse magazine. Whether our photos are then published, however, is decided by others. The chances are quite good.

Since almost 10 years my "Woman" calendar exists and my photos are regularly published worldwide. I am the only photographer who has been in every issue (31 pieces) of the German PENTHOUSE magazine for 5 years. 35 multi-page model-pictorials I had in the magazine so far, 7 times there was a girl with my photos on the PENTHOUSE cover.


With my photos as reference, a model can always be seen, so that the trip to Augsburg is worthwhile, even if no fee is paid.
Models from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, South Africa and others have already been my guests for shootings.

Here is the feedback and quotes of the models who have worked with me:


V@nny Vong

Dear Tom,

thanks for organizing this great shoot. You and a second photographer, Pattebaer, had organised an air bnb for overnight stays - and an industrial location for shooting, as we all had a long way to get to the location. The communication was professional from the beginning and I received the contracts in advance by email. On location I met the second model and we spontaneously decided to take girl-girl pictures. That went very well. You always took good care of our well-being: snacks and drinks were always at hand. Thanks also for the delicious pizza. I received the first pictures one day after the shooting. They're very good!
I think that for the whole team the shooting was worth it :).
I thank you again for the great and shooting and can only recommend you to other models.
Love, Vanny


Russlana Rassiva

Tom is a photographer who knows how to show women in the best light!
The atmosphere, the setting and the exclusive location were more than pleasantly/super chosen and thus also delivered outstanding results. His wonderfully friendly, direct and also constructive manner are mega helpful when posing and implementing a picture idea. Through his creative and experienced eye he captured outstanding moments from exciting and well-chosen perspectives.

All thumbs up for this professionalism and the uncomplicated procedure!
That I recommend him to others is very clear :O)

Nina Maisha Model

Dear Tom Rider,
we have planned the shooting well in a great location. I was very pleased that everything worked out well too. I thank you for the super selected location, your hospitality, your patience and of course for the wonderful ideas on site, which were spontaneously created.
All the best and see you next time.

LG Nina Model



Tom is a professional photographer with whom it was fun to shoot! I was able to learn a lot from him and the communication before and during the shoot was flawless!
I can absolutely recommend Tom!
Best regards

Bella M.

Dear Tom,
Tom's extraordinary locations are always very attractive and a shooting with you gives you the certainty of erotic photos of high level. It was a lot of fun again and we are really happy about the great pictures.
LG Michelle


Generally, I don't have a fixed "booty scheme"; a strong charisma and an extroverted note are the distinguishing features of a good photo model.

I prefer silicon-, piercing- and tattoo-free women, who still have some hair in the intimate area...
Since there are hardly any such creatures left, I am also satisfied with less.

Sure, "no body" is perfect. The task of a photographer is to get the best out of every person. Today there are no more unedited photos with me, at each Pic there are some things to optimize.

I'm looking for models who are personally interested in really good photos - and not just rewinding their usual posing program. A model who gets involved with me and gets involved in a shooting, that's what I promised the next day: aching muscles!
- just like me!


Gia Maria

It is was wonderful shooting)
Very kind, easy going atmosphere, This collaboration was amazing:-)
Looking forward to meet you again!

BR Gia

Margot Haievska

Awesome photographer who organized the shooting very well. It was a pleasure to work with him :) I'm very happy the photos we made. Moreover, he is a very nice person.


Dear Tom,
Thank you for great shooting. It was a lot of fun and the location was great. I was also very happy that it worked and the results became great.
I can only recommend warmly.

Karina Avakyan

thanks for the shooting


Dear Tom!
Thank you very much for our great shooting ! It was an honor to work with you ! You work highly professional, it makes a lot of fun with you, because you let the model pose. Besides your kind is very pleasant. You have organized everything perfectly : hotel, make-up artist, location ! Thanks for that ! I really liked the location, it was very pleasant there. I am really enthusiastic about you ! I should have worked with you much earlier ! :-)
Also you have great shooting clothes ! And you still organized suitable to the topic, also for this thank you! The make-up artist was also great, super work, I looked mega beautiful. It was an all around successful shooting day ! With pleasure again !
Just TOP!!!!!
Love greetings,


Dear Tom,
Thank you very much for the mega shooting in Augsburg the trip was definitely worth it it was all very well organized and the locations were very fine and had class. Wow 😍 these are the best pictures I got so far. Thank you very much and it was a lot of fun to shoot with you. The first time I could dare to shoot without being cramped thank you. Your instructions and ideas are terrific and easy to implement. 🤗 we were a great team. 1000 thanks again am so happy with the pictures. Again and again gladly.
LG Michelle



Thank you very much Tom!

The shooting with you was great and was a lot of fun. It was very diversified and you know exactly how to motivate the model. nd the location was just great! I'm looking forward to another shooting :)

Wow, I'm really surprised, I didn't expect that it would be so fast with a penthouse release ?
Thank you for making this possible for me.
If you are ever in Zurich, my husband and I would like to invite you to dinner.
Best regards


Quinn Linden

Thank you very much for our incredible shooting, your professionalism, and an amazing day we’ve spent together:)



I think the pictures we took were great! I thank you for this great shooting, it was great fun, I was not afraid and I'm just thrilled about you!

Jenni photomodel

Great shooting.
We do perfect pictures :) we have great location And light. Thank you for shoot.


Hi, Tom,
the shooting with you was very relaxed and pleasant. I was very happy, the location was awesome and everyone was always in a good mood. Accompaniment was no problem and was allowed to help. Everything was professional, fast and precise. Your manner was friendly and open. You organized everything super and it was just super fun. Many thanks also for the photos, the USB stick and your beautiful letter. The pictures with you became really super and I am so curious whether I create in the magazine!
Gladly again. Best regards :-)

Aleksandra Aleksis

Im happy that it worked out, was really positive ;)



"You're definitely the most professional and most perfectionist ? you spend a lot of time getting the light right, choosing good location, etc.
You're a serious artist. And it's great to experience that."

Shooting with Tom was great fun. He's a real professional, knows his stuff, has an exact idea of what he wants to achieve, and works hard to make the best possible pictures. At the same time, he's a really nice person. Can't wait for the results!
I can only recommend.
Palesa Molebatsi

Bionda S.

Yoo-hoo dear Tom!
Yes, what else should I write, except ... PERFECT! Thank you very much for the very successful third cooperation! There is no better way! Your success and your skills can be seen in the monthly magazine "Penthouse". I was very happy to work with you again! Except for the next time! :) 1A! Again and again very much with pleasure! Not only as a photographer you are super good and very competent, also human it makes with you incredibly much fun! Thank you for that!
Dearest greetings Sophia ;)


Super Shooting :) was a great location.
Tom is very professional and works fast and experienced. Perfect shooting!


Fabienne S.

Hi, Tom,
Many thanks for our class shooting in a great location.
I had a lot of fun working with you :-)
There are a lot of great pictures taken.

Thanks for making the penthouse release possible!

Again and again gladly :-)
lg u until very soon..Fabienne

Marianna Merkulova

Great day and shooting with Tom!
Tom is a great and kind person and amazingly talented and professional photographer!
Thank You, Tom, for a wonderful cooperation!))


Workshop was well organised, everyone who attended was friendly, repectful and great to work with. I also had a one2one shoot with Tom which was amazing, great location, beautiful props and yes an unforgettable trip back to Munich.
I just received the post this morning.. Thanks a lot and mist definitely will be happy to work with you again. Oooh you`re the best Tom
Kisses from Paris



Location real MEGA, organization totally uncomplicated, was a nice afternoon, I got mail today! I'm happy meeeega, also about the prints. That in the shower is my favourite photo! :)

Thank you.



Hello, Tom,
after we found a date for our shooting, everything went very fast.
You had already chosen the great location in advance and offered us many great possibilities which we used for the varied pictures. The shooting was fun and gave me new experience, thank you! I am looking forward to being able to show our pictures soon!
Best regards, Geeske

Laguna Tropic

Dear Tom!

I would like to thank you for today's really successful shooting in a really great location with great and super nice helpers! It has given me a lot of joy with you and you are definitely recommended as a photographer to other models :-) I am looking forward to the results of our shooting day and am already very curious! Best regards from the Black Forest...Model Laguna.


Hello, Tom,
I really enjoyed the shooting ?.
I was absolutely thrilled by the visa as well as the location. I have already heard that you are very fit in dealing with Photoshop ;).
Great photographer, excellent pictures! I am just thrilled! You can't and don't have to say more about it.

LG Katharina

Miss Antrophee

Thank you so much. Very relaxed shooting, great location and great pictures. Gladly again

Mia Sol

I had a great time during our shoot! Tom is really nice, professional and easy to work with. Highly recommended by my side.
Thank you

Eva Kisimova

I have had the opportunity to work with this great photographer known at international levels. Everything was organized with maximum perfection! I'm really happy to have worked with him. You are really a great professional!
Eva from Pisa


Shooting with Tom was nice and smooth. He was well prepared, he knew what he wants and he had a really nice location arranged. Can´t wait to see the final results!
I can reccomend Tom as a photographer!

Nicole Vice

Everything was perfect. It was nice time. And we made really nice pictures together.

Nicole Vice



A great shooting without many words....


AWESOME shoot! There is nothing model could imagine more.... superb (!!!!) location, reliability, energy, ideas, lighting knowledge, humour, taking care about all models needs, nice conversation during breaks, so easy to communicate, in the same time concret. I trully hope we will have chance to shoot again :) Thank you!!!


Despite the difficult weather conditions I didn't even feel stressed or under pressure during the whole day. Everything was relaxed throughout, you were very friendly and considerate. Also the results of our shootings surprised me in the end in a positive way, great photos were taken!

Daisy van Heyden

Dear Tom,
the shooting with you was well organized and professional. Great visas.
It was fun.


I think the pictures we took were great! I thank you for this great shooting, it was great fun, I was not afraid and I'm just thrilled about you!

Sophie Ka Sofika

Thanks to Tom I had a great opportunity to get very new experince. It was first time in my life when I ever shoot with animals and it was fantastic. I was fascinated by beauty of birds which became my collegues on stage.
And Tom showed hight proffesionalism despite all the difficulties we had that day.
Special thanks to make-up artist ! 

Was nice to meet you and easy to work with :)


Thank you for the great shooting.
You have chosen a cool location. It was totally cute ;).
I really enjoyed the shooting.
With you as a professional photographer the pictures are definitely great, I'm curious :).
Best regards



Tom's a cool guy!
He is nice, casual and the cooperation with him was simply perfect.
Unfortunately he has one small shortcoming: He can't pick locks! ;)


Many thanks for the great shooting ;)
I would like to repeat that ;)
Next time we plan more time ;)
When do you have time for the next shooting ? ;)


I would like to say big thank you for our really nice and friendly shooting :) we dont speak the same language but you were very proffessional and you made great atmosphere for shooting. You know exactly what you want...and i can not say any single word instead of you ! Thank you so much for everything and i wish you all the best :*
Warm greetings and hope to see you soon again :)



good morning tom,
first of all, thank you very much for the photos, so today we shot, interesting. :-)
joa wad i should say great, i really enjoyed working with you, you are a cool sock, i can only emphasize that again and again. i think your way of working is really strong, the way you do a shooting, some photographers can take it as an example. jap remains to say that i am already looking forward to another shooting with you or also to a long-term cooperation. ;-) oh & i am so curious what the penthouse chef says about our pics. :-)

heavy greetings miez


Pleasant atmosphere, good implementation, good instructions, praise :-) I appreciate your great work and I really enjoyed the cooperation, it was really cool.


-as a photographer... a very pleasant person to shoot with, not only because he's very professional but also because he's super prepared as he should be.
-as a person... super uncomplicated, super nice, talks and laughs with his models, keeps his word and is simply a very pleasant person :)
Short and sweet at any time very gladly again :)


I think the pictures we took were great! I thank you for this great shooting, it was great fun, I was not afraid and I'm just thrilled about you!


;) many thanks for the great shooting ;)!

I am sure that this was not our last! Your ideas and the spontaneous course of events were simply great!
Great results :) despite the late hour *laughing
I hope to see you soon!!!



Seldom have I met anyone so reliable. From visa to location everything was perfectly organized.
I don't have much to say about the shooting except that the shooting was a lot of fun for me.
With the camera in his hand the total professional and as soon as she is gone is a super relaxed humorous guy who does not lack spontaneity. It was a pleasure and a pleasure to work with you.
Anytime gladly again.

Regards Nikita

Translated with


It was a very pleasant shooting, and we took some great pictures.
It was great and uncomplicated and I enjoyed it again and again.

Thanks :)


Thank you:) for the full ideas shooting:)))

Lg Joanna

Nadine Shades

Dear Tom
It really paid off to visit you in Munich ... Find we have done a great job ;) and still totally had a lot of fun exactly my style!
Of course I would be very happy if we repeat this, maybe you will visit me then in beautiful Austria ;)
Until the next time

Lg Nadine


Hello Tom
I must also say I had a lot of fun: the participants were very pleasant and the western location was the upper hammer;
I thank you for that =)

And also the shooting with you in the Golden Hall was great. It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope to see you again soon ....And Merci for the fantastic photos I am thrilled...
Very dear greetings


That was a great second shooting!
Great communication on the set, great organization and totally uncomplicated.
Also great results.
Every time again! Thanks Tom!
LG Fairy


Mirjam -Ch

Hi tom,
the shooting with you was really funny & connected with very unusual accessories ... *g*
thanks for the nice cooperation :)
greetz mirjam

Model Jessy

Hello Tom
It's been some time, but better late than never: would like to thank you very much for the great shooting in an ingenious location. It used to be something completely different and it was a lot of fun!
Best regards Jessy



Was a great very productive shooting!  Gladly again! Can recommend you with a clear conscience to any model! You shot some of the best pictures I ever took.



Dear Tom ... Super location, super day, super photographer ... It's been a little while, but I can remember it very well!!! You have clear ideas and goals and that is also good so!!!! I can only stress that the shooting, as well as board and lodging and also you as a person of all first cream was!!!!! Rating: Recommendable!!!! Glg the Katja

Lara Model

Lara Model

Hi Tom, wanted to thank you again for your commitment! The pictures are anyway the hammer!:-) I'm looking forward to further cooperation! Lg, Lara


Very relaxed and funny shooting ;o)


Hello Tom,
I got the CD today and was very happy. I am impressed, the pictures are really amazing. Just like I imagine myself and like to see myself. Very well hit! I liked the location, the light was very good, I thought. And I would look forward to another shooting with you. Many greetings! Janka

Model Valerie

Hi, Tom. I wanted to say thank you again for the great shooting and everything you did for me. Thanks for the fast CD delivery and the prints. I was happy, they are great!


You work very professionally, you had a very professional make-up artist. I really enjoyed working with you. Thank you very much. Best regards Christin


without many words...great... again and again gladly...


Hey, Mr. Rider, all I can say is, honor to whom honor is due! Via your link I could also have a look at your photo history of the last years. Hallelujah! Sensational pictures of sensational women! So, really unbelievable! Many thanks also for the DVD and the tips, as well as the nice compliment at the end. So I'd like to start saving again, laugh! So that I can afford your valuable work again. was really a casual shooting, by the way you are now also in the current Playboy, T. has printed out the edited photo and stuck in the magazine. Was fully satisfied. I am very happy that we are still in contact - sunny greetings! Anne

Translated with



Hello Tom, I am back again and don't want to miss to thank you for the shooting. I know it's late, but from the bottom of my heart. Despite short term planning it was a perfectly organized work with you and Rainer with Olympic results. I am thrilled and would love to work with you again. Ahoj CAROLINA LUX

Model Jaqueline

Model Jaqueline

Huhu Tom! Want to thank me this way again for the great shooting. It was really great fun to shoot with you, Abby and Jill! Thanks also for our first *chen :-)))


dear tom! thanks for the nice two days here in augsburg. shooting with you is very relaxed and we all had a lot of fun and that is always very important for me. you work very professional and accurate and your visa is a dream :) thanks thanks - hope it was not our last time. your bernadette


I'm absolutely thrilled....I have felt super in good hands. you are not only a super photographer, but also a humanly seen very pleasant. the shooting has made me huge fun and thank you again for everything. the results are super. can only recommend you to every model. hope it will follow more joint work lg julia

Jeannie Kayla

Working with Tom Rider means 100% professional work from first contact to implementation. This is done without knowing each other personally, openly and sincerely for all parties involved, trustfully and reliably. To the shooting itself: Experienced, experienced and productive photographic teamwork in the client's castle, furnished with fine style. At this point I would also like to mention the professionally experienced make-up artist Yvonne. Tom and Yvonne are a likeable and tip-top trained team who understand each other blindly. It's a pleasure to work with them to transform photo concepts into visual results for the client. Many thanks, Jeannie

Model Sandy

Model Sandy

Hey, Tom! Thanks for the great shooting. I was afraid of flying before, but you organized everything so nice and reassured me that the return flight in the evening was a piece of cake. :-) A big thank you also for the big envelope you sent me with the complete CD of all unretouched and retouched pictures and of course for the many photos developed on big pictures!!!! I was really happy. LG Sandy



Good shooting. Concrete images... good implementation.


The shoot was a lot of fun. Top professional photographer with great results. Again and again gladly :) LG, Celeste

Nadia DG

great shooting great location ...again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cooperation with you was great!! I liked the location very much!!THANKS YOU ...


Hello Tom
Yes, you have really conjured... mad, thank you so much for such great pictures. Best regards and a thousand thanks to Léonie


It was a super nice, relaxed shooting, it was a lot of fun and the photos are beautiful. Gladly again! LG, Heidi


Hi, Tom,
our shooting and the location were awesome and we didn't stop shooting at all, we were full of euphoria. So definitely one of my recent highlight shootings. :)
I am already looking forward to the pictures and am very curious :)

The WS was also very well organized by you even if it was sometimes really cold and I had to grit my teeth., but well done ;) The participants and location were great.
LG Angelina


Hello, Tom,
I really liked the shooting with you at the house by the lake.
Much nature at the water with the boat, was simply genial & made me very much fun.
Lg Jade

Jasmina Sun

Tom always works professionally and organizes everything for the model, from the arrival, hotel to catering and visas. He thinks of everything and is well planned. He provided a breathtaking location, which I will never forget. And the results are something to be proud of. The model gets to see the photos and can choose which to edit. Again and again :-)

Bea Principessa

Dear Tom, thank you very much for our great shooting. It was a lot of fun to work together with you. You are a super nice and competent photographer, the pictures speak for themselves! Anytime again, I can only recommend you to every model. Very dear greetings from the Bea. =)


Dear Tom,
it's been a long time, but I would like to thank you very much for your great organization before and during the WS. Working with you was also a lot of fun. And you know, should something like that happen again, just let me know :)
glg Angelina

Jandara May

Professional is professional, I can only say to this shooting. Perfect organization, super scenery (location), great results. Tom knows exactly, how the photos should be, therefore a cooperation with him is very easy and relaxed. gladly again...... Best regards Jandara

Playmate Jennifer Martin

The production for the Liqui Moly calendar was a very pleasant work. Tom is a very nice and attentive photographer, I was well taken care of and was also in a very, very interesting location. I felt very comfortable and would always work with him again! :) Best regards, also to the great make-up artist! Your Jenny

Vivian Dubois

Ohh yes, a shooting with a vintage car..... a hot part!!!! pity only that the pictures were not accepted by any magazine...:-( but a really great shooting!!!! dear greet the evi

Model Aileen

Hey Tom, it was an honor to work with you, it was a lot of fun, the handling was easy and relaxed and the results are great! I am definitely looking forward to further cooperation! All my love greetings

Dea Donatella

Tom, thank you very much for your lovingly presented letter with the very well edited pictures on CD and prints...and compliments for the location, organisation and your skilful shooting. The team with you, Melly, Wolfgang and Sarah the make-up artist, was well chosen and fit time I will be there again! best regards from Dea


Many thanks for the shooting! I have learned a lot! Everything was very professional and it was fun to work with you! I'm looking forward to the results!

Very gladly again!

LG Angelina


Thank you Tom for amazing day of shoot and for beautiful photos what we did!
Hopefully see you soon for another shoot



Thank you for the great shooting.
You have chosen a cool location. It was totally cute ;).
I really enjoyed the shooting.
With you as a professional photographer the pictures are definitely great, I'm curious :).
Best regards


Kerstin Schmidt

Hello, tom,
thanks for the photos and the cd and the great compilation wow am very excited!! I find really great your effort!!! I'd love to work with you again, I'm even at the end of this month in Munich! That with the application of a magazine I find super, am full for it! Glad to hear from you again! Glg wonderful day and thank you again! Kerstin

Model Jennifer

Hello Tom, your pictures have just arrived. A thousand thanks. They look really great! Best regards Jennifer


Hello, Tom.
Thank you very much for booking me as a model at the workshop in the castle! The ambience is simply fabulous. The number of participants wonderfully divided among us 2 models and also changed after half the time. Food and drink was provided by a great cook...really great! The course of the WS was wonderfully timed and planned by good organization. So that one could work well with everyone. Was really a successful day! Thank you and always happy again!
Greetings Kristin Roca


Great shooting, great photographer and the location was awesome anyway:-)


Hello Tom, also at this point I would like to thank you for the class shooting.
Again and again love greetings Diana

Doreen B.

Doreen B.

Hello Tom,
thanks for the great shooting. The location in the castle was the best. :-) Many thanks for sending me the CD, prints and forgetting mine... I was very happy. The result was great. Thanks also for the whole postproduction. On the photos and the prints I notice, there was an expert at work. Gladly again. Greetings from Dresden Doreen

Vivian Iyowiye Odeh

Tom, shooting with you was fun, thank you again! Best regards, Your Vivian

Swetlana Lobanova

I was also happy to have worked with you, especially the location was simply brilliant. Glg Svetlana

Silva Light

Silva Light
Spontaneous Shooting in an interesting location, great cooperation, professional handling and beautiful results. All in all a relaxed, but determined work with a pleasant atmosphere. With pleasure again :)


Short arrangement :D Quickly found an appointment :D got up very early and drove to the visa organized by him! Then off to the location. Simply well organized. I just had to come by and look good :D The shooting was super relaxed. We had no time pressure and could leave ourselves enough time for everything. It was just a lot of fun from the beginning!! gladly again :D


Thanks for the exciting shooting! One of the greatest locations I've ever been to (and I was in a lot!) results are also great and I can recommend Tom with a clear conscience.



The shooting with Tom was great! Super organized, great location and nice people we worked with. The pictures were also really nice! It was one of my best shootings and Tom is just to be recommended. Again and again gladly!


It was a long trip in hot weather but it was worth it! (not only financially :-)) Scenery and visas were! (logical) Calendar has also become beautiful. I was happy about the many pictures! Until maybe the next time!:-)

Model Katja R.

Hi Tom, many thanks for the wonderful penthouse shooting, I had a lot of fun. I'm very happy that it worked out. :-) Best regards Katja

ramönchen bern

A great shooting in a pleasant atmosphere ...
thanks for the great cooperation.
vg Ramona

Model Lana Capricé

Hi, Tom! Many thanks for the great shooting yesterday! It was really great fun! GLG

Martina K.

Hi Tom, I can only join Model Lana Capricé, the shooting was a lot of fun and there were a lot of nice pictures at rumgekommen :-) I would be happy if we could work together again in the near future. LG Martina


Hello Tom!!
Many thanks for the great shooting, it was fun!!
Would be happy about any further cooperation! the pictures are great and your collages too. ...super pictures!!!
Got them over fotomail,.


Playmate Andrea I was very happy to finally meet Tom personally! A very open and communicative person, who is full of energy and drive - he inspires his girls and brings a good mood with him! His make-up artist Yvonne is also a good-hearted person, whom I have taken to my heart! Great atmosphere at the shooting! Thank you for a successful shooting weekend!


Hello Tom, it's been very interesting working with you. Gladly again! LG Michi


Great shooting and very good funny mood. Working with Tom is really fun! Gladly again!



Hi Tom, my review of our two shootings so far. Take a beautiful castle, add a top photographer and a beautiful model and you get "explosively" horny pictures on a piano, in the sofa, on the stairs, on the glass table, in the ... A very exciting and casual shooting, what model wants more :))) glg, Zelina



without many words...
great was it...
great working together...
in a cool location...
again and again gladly...
glg ljuba

Meli Ray

Hey, Tom, thank you so much for the casual, relaxed shooting. You chose a great location and had great ideas, which I think we implemented quite well. The pictures are really nice. I would be happy if we shoot together again.


Hello Tom, I can't say thank you enough for this great shooting with you. I was really looking forward to the pictures today, that's what I call absolute professionalism! The waiting was worth it in every respect, 1000 thanks for that! I would be very happy if another cooperation with us could work out, please let me know in time when you plan your next WS. Thank you again for everything! best regards, leona

Translated with


Hello, Tom. Thank you very much for the great shooting. The location was simply the Oberhammer. You have great ideas. You understand your craft so well. I had a lot of fun and the photos are the Oberhammer. Working together with you has been a really great experience for me. Thank you very much for the great day and the super great class mad Shooting :) LG Saskia

Bionda S.

Great! 1A! A very nice and very professional photographer. Great Shooting Location, it was very much on the well-being of me (Model) respected / cared and moreover the Shooting atmosphere made a lot of fun! The photographer was perfectly prepared and had planned everything very well, very reliable and VERY recommendable. I am looking forward to the results! :) glg Sophia


Hello Tom, many thanks for the pictures! They are really awesome! I am really thrilled; especially the first one is my absolute favorite. I am already looking forward to the others. Best regards! Yvonne


First of all, thank you very much for everything.
I really appreciate your hospitality and it was great with you. You organized everything great, whether the workshop or the shooting the next day.
We didn't take many, but we did take really good pictures. It was great with you and was fun, can only recommend you.
Vlg Jenny

Masha V

Masha V

It was really cool.
Location was great and the planning was very organized. No wonder that everything worked out so well. A really pleasant shoot with lots of ideas and great communication.

Thanks for the relaxed day. With pleasure again.


Hello Tom, from the first mail to the shooting everything is super professional and well planned! Thanks for the great cooperation, even if it was definitely too short! My recommendation to the models who have the chance to shoot with you!!! Take this opportunity:) Best regards Mel


Hi Tom, Years waiting for our cooperation, many travelled kilometres to Augsburg and finally we had opportunity to have the workshop&shooting. Thanks for a well organized event in a beautiful place. You are a great photographer with fine style and cool person! I hope we met first and not last time;) I had a great time on shooting and I have nice pictures on SC. It was worth coming to you! Greetings   estella


I really enjoyed shooting with you, we did a great job together.
Thank you very much
Looking forward to see the results
Adele from Milano




Was a great shooting I am totally satisfied with the pictures and how the shooting went. mega had fun again and again ☺️️☺️


Thank you Tom for this great shooting!  You chose a very special location and I immediately felt comfortable in front of your camera. Also the results speak for themselves, very gladly again! Many thanks for the DVD with the wonderful pictures!!! LG Kirsten


Thank you Tom! The shooting was professional and the atmosphere pleasant and funny! I felt very comfortable and am very satisfied with the results. I can only recommend every model! Lg, Tatjana

Bionda S.

1A! TOP! This was our second cooperation, an ingeniously beautiful shooting, in a super great location, this crystal cave was something special, a location where you are not allowed to shoot every day! You work precisely and professionally and still you never miss out on fun, people love to work with you! And the picture results will speak for themselves! VERY recommendable! Again and again gladly! :) Glg Sophia


Dear Tom, it's been a pleasure again!  Working with you is always fun for me, everything top organized, great location, lots of nice workshop participants... just the way you want it as a model!  Again and again very gladly! Best regards Bianka



As always, it was my pleasure... simply great as it should be... Hammer Location Mega funny all around everything class very much like again... glg Lu

Fee Variety

I had been looking forward to this shooting for quite some time, and it completely met my expectations!  You are a great photographer and the shooting gave me a lot of joy!  Still I did not get to sort out the pictures, but that follows as fast as it goes! :)  The first results, which I could look at, I already liked very much!  YES it was an extraordinary shooting, I had never had such a shooting before, where it went so quiet and yet so harmonious. Despite whispering, I felt very well!    Thank you for this beautiful cooperation!


Everything went really well, punctually, friendly and the pictures also turned out well. I'm already curious how then the processed look ;)  LG Anni



Nobuyoshi Araki, Japanischer Fotograf

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